When our life takes unexpected turns, the real ‘I’ in us returns.

Truth has no boundaries. There are neither walls nor doors to it. It is right here and accessible to everyone. It’s us who have to open the doors of our minds from inside to only find a mirror reflecting its own light.

We humans spend most of our times on this planet living in ignorance, unless somebody awakens us from sleep at an early stage of life. From the very beginning, we are taught to identify ourselves with physical matter and then with the existing concepts. Starting with our bodies, we then move on to the ideas of names, relationships, religions, places and professions. This has been in continuum since now, back then. When these thoughts settle inside the innocent minds, it forms a belief and then becomes the reality. Some of us are so conditioned to believe that time really exists, later to realize that it does only in our minds.

Identity, attachment, selfishness and sufferings are all interrelated to each other. When we strongly identify ourselves with something, we build a barrier in our minds filled up with adequate emotions which we would care and rebel against anything that tries to harm its equilibrium. Whenever a person or an event is able to intrude it, that is when the emotional imbalance occurs and we tend to suffer. One with no identity would have no person/ego; which means they would neither have any attachments, self-importance nor sufferings. To them this whole universe is connected and every being acts spontaneously from the same source. These are the ones who may get mocked as a monk by people in their vicinity for being uncommon. Others, who are identified only with their family and friends, are stuck in smaller circle of life being totally unaware about their self-centeredness. Then there are those who hold a strong stance about their country or religion, which naturally brings in them hatred for people of other sectors. Although their identities have expanded, the borders haven’t and they are equally oblivious. Such naive people are used by conquerors for their selfish motives as they could be easily persuaded. I would blame ignorance to be the culprit for all this, but I don’t hate it as there would be no meaning to life if it hadn’t existed. Ignorance can be a convenient factor to live a happy life, but only until life hits back hard. It is the change of events around us that changes us from within. So, the further away we go from these events, further we are running away from our own selves.

Suffering is an invitation to truth and the seed of happiness. We can never know the value of happiness if we haven’t experienced any sufferings. This is the duality and the beauty of universe. So it is better if we embrace suffering rather than evading and hiding inside our cushioned shells to continue being ignorant throughout our lives. The best way to come out of ignorance and work on a transformation is to start with a simple introspection and later paying ardent attention to the surroundings and slowly becoming aware of everything that exists in this moment. This would not only make us aware of our capability to think, but also lets us question about the events and ultimately contemplate about the reality. The more attention we pay, more clarity we get which would further open our conditioned minds to enhanced perceptions.

Eventually, life gives everyone the chance to come to light and we should all be grateful for that. The more sensitive we are to the tunes of this universe, closer we get to the truth and come back to our worlds more alive with a deeper understanding. Sensitive are those simple minded ones who can look within themselves and realize that they are no different from others, apart from the individuality that they carry along. They also do step into other’s shoes and consider the sorrows as their own.  Hence, when they experience suffering, they either simply surrender to their gods (if they believe in one) or begin questioning about the meaning of life and existence.  Sooner or later, to which they would find the answers within as their search for truth is most genuine. The leap of faith is an essential element here.

Remember how the sun rises every single time after it sets. Similarly, the outcome of suffering is always happiness. We should open our eyes and see that the times when we experience suffering is the window of opportunity to overcome it completely and bring an end to this cycle. This is our chance to get rid of darkness from our lives forever by letting the sun not set again. This is our moment to learn the most important lesson of our lives that we actually know nothing at all. When we come to this understanding, we naturally begin to seek and this seeker in us tries to discover the real identity and the subtleties of existence to start afresh, but this time as a life itself.


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