Southend Pier, UK

Life and death; without one there can’t be the other,

They go hand in hand, like long lost brothers.

For some it‘s short, but they live like no other

For most it’s long, and to stay happy they don’t bother.

They blindly follow the person right in front,

And walk away with them, till they are burnt.


The second we are born, is the second we begin to die.

As a kid we live life, without once thinking why,

As we grow, life gets tougher; and we don’t even try

So like everything else, it just ends with a simple goodbye.


Whether it’s long or short, simple or interesting,

Live it with a purpose, to give it a meaning.

You are the one, who scripts the road,

So look ahead, for you may miss the code;

As life may not always seem placid and serene,

It is a journey with many possibilities,

Don’t live it like a machine.


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