The Lost Dimension

A place without space where nobody lives Yet for someone true pleasure it gives Making ‘me’ disappear, ‘I’ feels large Contained within it, the whole universe enlarges. Away from all the violence Through your inner guidance Enter here now, and Lose yourself to the sound of sacred silence.

Angels in disguise

Reaching skies sprouting out from little seeds To share secrets of growth to succeed As extending arms wide open and free Learn to live a beautiful life like all trees. Spreading their roots as the life is more earthbound They stand unshaken firmly holding ground Even as the gusty winds try to tear them apart…


Life and death; without one there can’t be the other, They go hand in hand, like long lost brothers. For some it‘s short, but they live like no other For most it’s long, and to stay happy they don’t bother. They blindly follow the person right in front, And walk away with them, till they…

A quiet sail

The oceans aren’t calm and the sky isn’t colorful either, but when you quietly sail through you see a different picture altogether.