The Lost Dimension

A place without space where nobody lives Yet for someone true pleasure it gives Making ‘me’ disappear, ‘I’ feels large Contained within it, the whole universe enlarges. Away from all the violence Through your inner guidance Enter here now, and Lose yourself to the sound of sacred silence.

Angels in disguise

Reaching skies sprouting out from little seeds To share secrets of growth to succeed As extending arms wide open and free Learn to live a beautiful life like all trees. Spreading their roots as the life is more earthbound They stand unshaken firmly holding ground Even as the gusty winds try to tear them apart…

Dance of Infinity

Hiding behind the fiery eyes In darkness the eternal lies Spreading light like the scorching sun Onto the blackboard some colors for fun Dancing perpetually to the tunes of infinite love Days and nights, back then and even now.


Let me take you to a journey back home With no packed bags and on our own As this place is  full of you and me But there only ‘I’ chooses to be So for once leave behind all worldly ties To go where God dwells and the truth lies And there in the absence…

First Love

Every smile of yours is a kiss from inside Those eyes glitter so bright as if in them the sun resides Even sleepless nights pass in a moment when I think about you It is in your thoughts that I lose myself and these worldly views. Never before in my life did such lovely feelings…


Those we love remain with us For love itself lives on And cherished memories never fade Because a loved one’s gone. Those we love can never be More than a thought apart For as long as there is a memory They’ll live on in the heart.

Spring Love

Struck with wonder every single time A kind of melancholy fills my mind Even now, as I try this to rhyme A thought appears in silence and drills to find. Holding hands they stand cold winter nights Listening to the city play sweet Christmas chimes. Though like cold winter trees they loom, smiles on their…